Farm Tour

At Weaver Quarter Horses we balance breeding the horses with the environment on the farm, the atmosphere, the handling…and most of all, the attitude. That attitude is called love. Love for the horses, for their destinies…and for the traditions. Love is how you cultivate your “pride and joy”. You can have it, too. Come on out to Lana Weaver’s here in the cradle of the Quarter Horse. 
You can walk over Weaver pastures and call to our long-legged babies cavorting out there in the buffle and coastal grass. Oh, yes, they’ll come right up to you. They’re not head shy, either, if you want to touch them or halter them. Why?

They’ve learned respect from our older geldings in the pasture. “I call these geldings like G-Mack my ‘sergeants’,” says Lana Weaver. G-Mack plays the part of surrogate daddy, in his own way, using sharp reprimands that are really “tough love. This “sergeant” — like all good daddies — knows discipline starts ’em young for success in the G-Mack School of Equine Etiquette. 2005group_trainers

It makes for the best social relations on the farm or when you take one home. You can send your own kid out to the barn with a bucket of feed and the new colt doesn’t nip at him (or her) in “play”. 

These babies have respect. Ask our farrier! You can pick up these babies’ feet as easy as you would those of the barn cats! 

How did these horses learn what they know to pass on to their sons and daughters? Why, they begin winning at the beginning.

And winning — or just owning the finest is fun, isn’t it? And it begins with this great Weaver gene pool. Breeding back to vigor… Horses with heart, horses with eye, horses with a good mind, sound legs and good feet — that’s all you’ll notice long after you’ve stopped trying to memorize the bloodlines.

And when you get home and you’re watching your 4-H horse in the arena…or your hunter or jumper or pleasure horse or cutter or rope horse hopeful…or your family horse or brood mare with three kids bareback on her “babysitting” at a slow walk — just remember, it all began with speed in Louisiana. And at Weaver Quarter Horses we go back to the beginning. With love, pride, and commitment.