About WOH

Lana Weaver has proved that fine breeding is not just a science but an art. Her secrets for your own success lie in the classic old Foundation Quarter Horses. Lana’s strategy demanded years of selective breeding, adding stunning new AQHA bloodlines in honor of the whole Quarter Horse epic. How do you achieve hybrid vigor? Begin at the beginning. You’ll get the real thing.

Lana Weaver has been gifted with a “jeweler’s eye” in the breeding of Quarter Horses. And Lana Weaver knows that state-of-the-art genetics “Begin at the beginning.”

Whether you’re professional or amateur, seasoned or brand-new to Quarter Horse heritage, your bloodlines write your destiny. That’s why Lana Weaver starts at the beginning.

Because that’s how the American Quarter Horse was born in neighboring Louisiana in the 1800s — running-horses, right? From matched races along plowed Cajun cotton fields and East Texas bush tracks, right?

You get the picture. Contrasted with Thoroughbred racing in Kentucky Blue Grass country, these quarter-mile “short races” produced that celebrated running animal called “the short horse” …. the American Quarter Horse!

Lana’s vision statement? “Of a good beginning cometh a good end!” … She asks “If you don’t set the foundation for the future, how can you ever have one?”.

So here you are, surfing for old Traveler’s progeny six generations later – but, Caveat emptor, right? Buyer beware! Don’t grab a branding iron by the business end! Whether you want a weanling or a proven winner, the best surprise is no surprise. That’s why Lana begins at the beginning. Your destiny lies in East Texas, too. Those legendary sires and dams? You’ll find them on the western edge of East Texas. Cat Spring, Texas, about an hour’s drive, 60 miles west from Houston.

The balance of genetic qualities will stand the test of time … due to Lana’s constructive breeding. But that’s not all! Lana takes into consideration more than merely the percentage of genes.

Lana balances the horses’ breeding with the environment on the farm, the atmosphere — that good salty Gulf air drifting in over her pastures – how it enhances the lung capacity of these new babies that have just hit the ground running! — the handling, and most of all, the attitude.

That attitude is called love. Love for the horses, for their destinies … and for the traditions. Love is how you cultivate your “jeweler’s eye.” You can have it, too. Come on out to Lana Weaver’s in the cradle of the Quarter Horse.

Cat Spring, Texas. Weaver Quarter Horses. Lana’s breeding farm is located in Quarter Horse heartland, the virtual cradle of foundation bloodlines, where “short horses” became America’s Horse. Come see us soon!

In the mean time, take a virtual tour of our farm, find out Why Weaver Quarter Horses offer you the finest blood lines and learn about their beginning. Check out Lana’s Stallions and Brood Mares. And don’t forget to check out her Horses for Sale, and What’s New in the Barn for the latest arrivals. Also, take a look at Upcoming Events for those that might interest you.